Friday, 6 July 2012

New Diary, New Start

Many many years ago when I was a student, I bought myself an academic year diary running from July to July. Because every year my diary ends in July I have always replaced it in the middle of the year, rather than at the end.
Blank pages full of potential
It is nice to open up a new diary, full of blank pages to fill, full of potential. I also think it is actually quite nice to do it at this time of year as well, rather than in December when there is all the chaos of Christmas to deal with and when everyone is wondering what the New Year will bring. I think by June all that optimism and potential has been a bit squashed by the frenetic and relentless rush of life carrying on apace. 
Having a new diary now is a small moment of peace, taking stock and thinking and planning afresh. 
Do you have times that make you step back form life for a moment to think a bit clearly again?