Thursday, 31 January 2013

The future of the world

I read this fascinating article on The Guardian website.

Do the roots of humanity stretch around the world?

Food for thought for sure but it invites as many questions as solutions at this stage.

  • First up is the thought 'how many times has something similar been said in the last century or more?'
    • I can imagine that there have been many great thinkers from Adam Smith to Jeremy Bentham and even Malthus who have posited that profit can not be the only aim of business in a civilised world.
  • Then, is there any real way to get all the world's business and political leaders around the same table to make it happen?
    • In a week when the London Underground proposed later running tubes only to be shouted down by the unions, people whose livelihoods depend on the same system in the same town, can the diverse interests and fields of all business and communities really be brought under one umbrella set of regulations?
  • Can we ever reach a point where all the experts agree?
    • Even today there are people in power and experts who can't agree on the realities of climate change. Some are absolutely convinced it is not happening, others believe mankind has had a huge and continuing impact.
  • Can we be sure that any ideology proposed by any one nation or company is not imposing something entirely alien on others?
    • The simple idea of consuming horsemeat has this week shown divisions in Europe that are cultural and historical and that neither side would view as being wrong or negotiable.
It's a noble idea to make the world run on more ethical terms and one I wish more people subscribed to, but is it realistic to expect so many diverse interests to be able to come together and make it work?

How would you change the world for the better?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Goodbye my love

Today I have had to say goodbye to my beautiful cat, Sixx.
When my friend told me his cat was going to have kittens, I decided for the first time to have a pet. I went to meet the litter when they were very tiny and was told that one of the cats didn't like people.
I went in and sat on the floor and this little black and white kitten came over to me and crawled on my leg, he was the one who had refused to meet anyone else.
I sat and got to know him and his sister who I was also taking home. I had planned to call them Tyler and Perry after Aerosmith, but as I played with them I knew they were Sixx and Kije.

Despite being named for a rock n roll bass player, Sixx was always calm and affectionate. He would follow me from room to room and was always there when I came in. He loved to cuddle and would climb on my lap in the evenings and would snuggle on my bed at night. He rarely objected to being picked up for a big hug. Every day when I woke up he was there, or arrived when the alarm went off. Tomorrow morning is going to be hard. He was so very handsome and so loving.

At 14 and half he had lived a long and comfortable life. I wish things could have been different and he could have come home today but it was not to be. I hope he knew how much he was loved and how much he will be missed.

Goodbye my love. Sixx - July 1998 - January 2013.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Gainful employment

As you know I am a bit of an information junkie. I love to look up the answers to anything and everything. Whether it's how particle physics works, who Prince Blucher was, how to make sure a guitarist doesn't get his cables trapped under the drum kit or who needs to know about that recipe for jam roly poly, I want to know and share as much as humanly possible.

Looking for the right job
If you have seen my other blog you might also know I am in search of my dream job. The major obstacle being that I don't know what I want to do with my life and have no clue what job would be a dream for me.

I am, therefore, trying to imagine ways to combine the two. My craving for answers (and disseminating them) with my search for the perfect work.

I'm a bit late to create Google unfortunately, and am not that interested in programming search algorithms anyway.

Please do let me know if you know of a job that sounds like it would suit me to a T!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

About five or six years ago I made a resolution to stop making new year resolutions. So far I've done a good job of sticking to it.
No more stress about breaking new rules, no more angst over a new status quo.

Do you make resolutions? Do you set goals for the year ahead? Do you stick to them?

Whatever you do in 2013 I wish you all the best.