Friday, 11 November 2011

Making me happy

I just heard some wonderful news.
Black Sabbath are getting back together for a new album and world tour.
When I was a very small girl, my parents had a couple of Black Sabbath tracks on some compilation albums.
I loved Paranoid, at 8, somehow I got it, although my schoolmates were baffled. (Vol 4, arguably the last of the truly great, truly perfect Sabbath albums, was released in the month I was born)
Growing up to be a teenager I got to hear more of their work, whole albums of sublime music.
My only sadness was that I would never see them live as Ozzy had been expelled for his antics, despite the rest of the band being similarly disposed.
I did get to see Ozzy several times, and loved every single second he was on stage.
Then one day in the late 1990s came the announcement - they were going to play together again.
I can remember going up to Birmingham to see them as soon as possible and bouncing, literally bouncing a foot or more in the air, in the queue with excitement. A few months later I saw them at The Astoria in London and got soaked when Ozzy chucked a bucket of water over the front few lines of the crowd. Then I managed to wangle a trip to Phoenix to see them play on New Year's Eve. I remember very clearly they stopped at midnight, opened the roof of the stadium to reveal a full moon and then they blasted into their encore.

And now they are coming back again - possibly the worst kept secret of the year - and I am delighted. I just wish the tickets went on sale today as I can't wait all week to book!

Long live Black Sabbath   \m/

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I'm not a fan of shopping for food, I'm not fond of cooking and I have issues with a ridiculous number of foods. So a shopping trip can be very hard work - I have to read the label on everything. All the things I like have a million calories. All the healthy stuff is either going to make me poorly or will taste like mashed tissue paper!
So I set out with good intentions, honest!, but by the time I reach aisle eleven I am usually in a bad mood and grab the first cake I come across, a couple of bottles of milk and something main coursey like a shepherds pie (if there's is no onion in it of course).
Over the next few weeks I am due to have a few hospital visits and tests that I am hoping will  begin to pin down exactly which foods I have a problem with - knowing my luck it will be milk, tea and bread!

I am a member of a few facebook groups dedicated to people with a food intolerance of some sort. The recurring theme I see on them is "no one takes the problem seriously, they think I am being picky." I've had that numerous times. But some people have even had restaurants ignore their needs, leaving them in the loos bringing up the food they just ate.
So next time someone tells you they can't eat apple or any other food, don't ignore it and don't think it will be funny to grate apple into their food!