Thursday, 3 November 2011


I'm not a fan of shopping for food, I'm not fond of cooking and I have issues with a ridiculous number of foods. So a shopping trip can be very hard work - I have to read the label on everything. All the things I like have a million calories. All the healthy stuff is either going to make me poorly or will taste like mashed tissue paper!
So I set out with good intentions, honest!, but by the time I reach aisle eleven I am usually in a bad mood and grab the first cake I come across, a couple of bottles of milk and something main coursey like a shepherds pie (if there's is no onion in it of course).
Over the next few weeks I am due to have a few hospital visits and tests that I am hoping will  begin to pin down exactly which foods I have a problem with - knowing my luck it will be milk, tea and bread!

I am a member of a few facebook groups dedicated to people with a food intolerance of some sort. The recurring theme I see on them is "no one takes the problem seriously, they think I am being picky." I've had that numerous times. But some people have even had restaurants ignore their needs, leaving them in the loos bringing up the food they just ate.
So next time someone tells you they can't eat apple or any other food, don't ignore it and don't think it will be funny to grate apple into their food!

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