Friday, 11 November 2011

Making me happy

I just heard some wonderful news.
Black Sabbath are getting back together for a new album and world tour.
When I was a very small girl, my parents had a couple of Black Sabbath tracks on some compilation albums.
I loved Paranoid, at 8, somehow I got it, although my schoolmates were baffled. (Vol 4, arguably the last of the truly great, truly perfect Sabbath albums, was released in the month I was born)
Growing up to be a teenager I got to hear more of their work, whole albums of sublime music.
My only sadness was that I would never see them live as Ozzy had been expelled for his antics, despite the rest of the band being similarly disposed.
I did get to see Ozzy several times, and loved every single second he was on stage.
Then one day in the late 1990s came the announcement - they were going to play together again.
I can remember going up to Birmingham to see them as soon as possible and bouncing, literally bouncing a foot or more in the air, in the queue with excitement. A few months later I saw them at The Astoria in London and got soaked when Ozzy chucked a bucket of water over the front few lines of the crowd. Then I managed to wangle a trip to Phoenix to see them play on New Year's Eve. I remember very clearly they stopped at midnight, opened the roof of the stadium to reveal a full moon and then they blasted into their encore.

And now they are coming back again - possibly the worst kept secret of the year - and I am delighted. I just wish the tickets went on sale today as I can't wait all week to book!

Long live Black Sabbath   \m/

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