Friday, 13 January 2012

Trust or respect

Apologies first, for the hiatus over Xmas. I trust you enjoyed yourselves. Hopefully normal service will resume now.

I had a conversation recently with someone that triggered a train of thought about respect.
I believe that you have to earn trust, you don't tell your darkest secrets to someone you just met, even if they are your doctor or lawyer, you need to build up a degree of trust first. However I believe that you should start from a position of mutual respect with everyone you meet, including at the checkout, in a queue, among friends and in virtual meetings. Both parties should be able to expect that they will be treated politely, kindly and as an intelligent being with rights from the get go.

I wonder if this is something lacking in society as a whole? Might it be the reason that we seem to have seen so many acts of wanton disrespect in the news over the last year?

Perhaps we need to start to instil respect in every meeting and encourage others to do so as well.

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  1. I definitely think this is something that has been lost over the years, and it just seems to get worse. I don't know if the internet has to take some blame as people feel that they can be as rude and nasty as they like behind a screen, and then that gradually translates into real life. Desecration of war memorials just goes to show people don't respect what and who they should. It's appalling and despressing. It's not a good trend. I think you are right, and taking the time to treat others as you would wish to be treated is not hard. It takes no effort at all. x


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