Friday, 22 June 2012


I've recently decided that the trouble I get with my feet when standing for a while can't possibly be a result of aging, I'm not that old, or of a lifetime of wearing heels as the pains are in the wrong places. So I plucked up the nerve to go to a specialist and have been told it is plantar fasciitis. It's not the best news but it does mean that with the right exercises, better shoes when I'm not in my heels and a few sessions of ultra sound therapy I could be back to boogying the nights away in no time.

Ian's Shoelace SiteI've also discovered Ian's Shoe Lacing Methods which have enabled me to customise the way I lace my trainers and boots to ease pressure in some places and improve the degree of tightening I can achieve with my weedy girlie hands. I would definitely recommend taking a look as I doubt there are very many people who have reviewed and analysed the way they tie their shoes since the age of about 6, and this fella has done all the research you could need!
(I do love it when I find someone who has really developed an interest and become and expert in something a bit esoteric, makes me feel like a proper Master Of None)

I would also recommend that if you are suffering form any kind of pain or impediment, get it checked out. Perhaps your deafness is caused by wax that can easily be removed, maybe your funny shaped mole would be better removed now than in a year when it's gone nasty, or perhaps your aching feet can be treated to allow you to enjoy what you love doing again. Don't put it off, see a doctor, pharmacist or high street chiropodist! Just go. Now!!!!!

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