Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It drives me crazy

Are there everyday niggles that make you disproportionately angry?

The on that gets me yelling at inanimate objects on a fairly regular basis is a box of eighty matches that has a strike strip that gives out after about forty matches. My guess is that they are designed for eighty strikes but since no match ever lights first time those eighty strikes are up before the box is half empty.

I remember many a day as a kid where the loud and very rude words emanating from the kitchen or bathroom that were a clear indication that Dad was trying to do some plumbing!

What drives you to distraction that really could be walked away from in peace?

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  1. Ooh can't imagine your Dad having ever uttered a rude word! ha ha!
    I think we all can get far too het up about things we needn't. It all depends on how we're feeling on that day, at that moment. A car can cut me up one day and I'll think what a numpty and another day I'm far less polite in my thoughts and hoot loudly at the inconsiderate, and incompetent bleep.
    I think it would be best if we could all take a deep breath sometimes before we go ballistic and see if we can manage without letting fly. Far easier said than done though...


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