Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Bard of Avon, confimed

I have written here before about my conviction that one William Shakespeare was the true author (maybe with some help) of the plays we attribute to him.

Now a book is about to be published by a number of scholars who agree that the man from Stratford not only could be, but most likely is the writer of those great works.

William Shakespeare, the true Bard of Avon
Championing The Bard
What better birthday gift could the Bard ask for?

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  1. I'm never sure why people always want to disprove Shakespeare as the author of the many works we know and love. I'm a 'true believer' too!

    ps - I have nominated you for a 'Reality Blog Award' so just nip over to my Scribbler Blog to collect it :)


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