Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Do you feel lucky?

What is luck? A benevolent Lady who watches over you or a cruel whim of the gods?
Some people you say you make your own luck.
That's great for a person who is breezing through life, happy, healthy, successful and popular. How nice to think you are the sole architect of your good fortune. How confidence boosting to believe you are that great.
But consider someone equally smart with similar opportunities who has had a string of bad luck, made redundant though no fault of their own, a recurring health issue, friends who moved away, no success with applying for a new job simply because of the high level of competition. Are they responsible for the misery that seems to have befallen them? To say you make your own luck suggests you make your own bad luck too. But if you are suffering a series of chance happenings that work against you, how would you feel to be told you made your own luck? Not so good, and hearing that over and over from those successful people who don't know what bad luck is, might just make you feel worse about yourself, erode your confidence and spiral into a spate of worse situations.

Luck is just chance. A string of good luck is very healthy, a string of bad luck needs to be seen as what is it, chance. And chance says that previous events can't influence the future. Your luck just might change.

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