Friday, 16 March 2012

Losing weight

Losing weight is notoriously difficult. People are constantly struggling with diets and exercise plans and looking for miracle cures.
I think one of the reasons that it is such a struggle is that it is a huge commitment. You have to commit to work on it every day for what can be a considerable period of time. If it has taken four years for you to pile on a couple of extra stone (28 lbs, 11kilos) then you can expect to take a couple of years to lose it, and that's if you work hard.
You also have to be committed every day, committed to reducing your intake of inappropriate foods, committed to burning a few more calories. That takes awareness, mindfulness and focus.
Anyone who is for any reason a little below their best, whether it be a physical health problem, a mental health problem or simply a period of emotional stress or difficulty, will find it that much harder to make that daily commitment.
As well as the daily commitment there is the long term commitment, the decision to work at it over a long period of time. Anyone who is below par may find it hard to think in terms of the long game.
And then there are the days when the willpower fails, the commitment is lost or something just goes wrong. Anyone not in tip top condition may find it hard to pick themselves back up and get back on track. They may berate themselves as a failure, feel guilt at letting themselves down, feel despairing of their ability to reach their targets and may spiral back into the bad habits that got themselves where they started. Even if they do get back on track, they may find they have to work a little harder to make up for the slip up.
So next time someone you know tell you they are trying to lose weight, be supportive and positive, and be prepared to support them over a long period of time.

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