Sunday, 11 March 2012


A place in Berkshire.
But seriously, I do love to read. it's a lot easier than writing.
You may already have spotted my reading list at the bottom left of this blog.
I try to read a book a week but sometimes Time just gets away from me.
You might have spotted that one particular book has stayed in the Currently Reading slot and not been moved to the Previous Reads list. That book is quite a tough on for me, I dip into from time to time and read a few pages but it makes me sad. It describes my dream job and I find it quite hard to read as I have not achieved that career path.
Other books are quick easy reads, ideal for the train journey into London. I have a book reader on my smart phone and have recently enjoyed my first PG Wodehouse tale.
Then there are the BIG reads, books that you can immerse yourself in for weeks. I personally am a fan of fantasy like JRR Tolkien. It's a huge genre with plenty of authors and a variety of styles, settings and stories.  I have never managed to get into Austen or Dickens, but I do like a good detective or mystery story.
It doesn't really matter what your tastes in reading matter are, but I do think that reading is a very healthy past time, exercise for the mind that can be done anywhere at anytime.

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