Thursday, 13 October 2011

Subtitles or signed

How do you think?
I know a lot of people think as though they are watching a video of the actions they are thinking about.
Stephen Hawking clearly thinks in numbers.
I know of one person who has a mental Roladex (TM) in her head and when she wants to retrieve an idea she simply flicks though the cards.
Me? Every thought I have is subtitled. The words hover there in front of my mind's eye (as a result I often watch telly with the subtitles on and then wonder why it looks weird if I watch someone else's TV). And, like live subtitles, if a word feels wrong I will edit it as I go, kind of like word processing! As you can see from my blog though, my retrieval system is pretty haphazard. It can be effective, if I visualise a word I can often recall various associations with it -  a mental thesaurus if you like.
So how about you? How do you process the world in your mind? How do you dig up memories, facts and faces?

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