Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Write your own story.

When you think you might want to write a novel or short story, sometime the idea you have is really good but it's just a kernel, a few sentences. So what you need to do is to write it down, as below.

Expand the first sentence into three sentences. Then ask a question about each sentence. Write three sentences to answer each question.

Keep going till you have half a dozen pages - there you are you've written a short story! All you need to do now is refine it, tidy up the descriptions, make sure it all makes sense and remember to save it!

If you want to make a novel out of it, just keep expanding. You don't have to follow every thread you've created, some won't be as interesting as others. You may find one thread leads you off on a whole new tangent.

This concept was inspired by Lazette's Phase system of outlining a novel. Nobosy's way is the write way, just suggestions to help you build up your own way.

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